INTERVIEW WITH MALI DE'LISSER: Creator of One Minute Melee & Hyper Gauge

2017-11-20 11:45:39 by FrameFreak2D

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Mali De’lisser is the creator of the channel Hyper Gauge and the creator of One Minute Melee in Hyun’s Dojo and former animator of Screw Attack’s Death Battle. He takes pixel animation to another level and creates small animations of famous and loved characters from many series, movies and games and puts them in a battle to the death and been doing it for many years.


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2017-11-20 12:21:43

What the hell Asuka Kazama does here?

FrameFreak2D responds:

In One Minute Melee they choose different characters and are made to battle each other so there's a lot of random characters there, like Kenshin vs Zoro, Superboy vs Gohan, etc.