This is our Demo for our new series Tempus Trip that we want to bring to Kickstarter, we won the Pixels Awards 2014 with it and received $30K of funding to make the pilot come to life and help us launch the Kickstarter Campaign to make more episodes! I hope you like it! 

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Mark Osborne is the Director of More, The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie, Kung Fu Panda and The Little Prince which is causing sensation on Netflix right now. He’s here to talk about the benefits and problems of making a successful independent film, and how to tell amazing stories on the big screen.

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Adam Blaine Dix is a professional cartoonist who has worked for Disney Studios and Disney Animation TV, he’s working on an animated series called Sofia the First oriented for children, however he’s been in a position where he has been able to learn a lot from the very best in the animation industry and get some premium knowledge from inside the industry.


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Brenda Chapman was the Writer and Director of Brave (The Movie) and has worked in movies like The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Prince of Egipt, The Real Ghostbusters (animated series) and many more. She’s one of the first women in the animation industry who inspired many other women to do these kind of work and now she’s focusing on writing amazing stories.

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NEW INTERVIEW W/ TOMM MOORE (Song of the Sea & The Secret of Kells

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It's finall out! today we had an interview w/ Tomm Moore from Cartoon Saloon and it was an amazing one, we discuss many topics that interest professional animators and how we can use the technologies that we have today to thrive faster in the industry.


NEW INTERVIEW! w/ Tomm Moore from Cartoon Saloon Next Week!

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Hi guys, we start the 2016 strong! I just had a talk with Tomm Moore and we will be doing the interview with him the next week! Tomm Moore is the creator of 2 of the most important animation films in the last 10 years, one being The Secret of Kells and the other Song of the Sea. If you haven't watched those movies I highly recommend that you do, they are amazing.


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Watch the Trailer of the Secret of Kells


Watch the Trailer of Song of the Sea


Earlier today I got an email confirmation from Chris from Screen Novelties confirming an interview with them for our show in January. Right now they're super busy since they just founded the Kickstarter for their animation called The Witchdoctor and got $65K to make their project:



And days before we got a confirmation from Tomm Moore who was the creator of The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea which just happend to win the Best Animated Feature at EFAs a couple of days ago. 


So we're getting ready to start with everything we have and to get funded some of the series we're working on :D 

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Thanks for everything :) 

Hi guys, I feel so happy to be here, to be honest I've been following this site for many years since I was in Highschool and now it's so great to finally be able to post things here and add our creations to the many awesome artists here. 

My name is Rodrigo I'm part of a small studio called Frame Freak Studio. We’re a team of dedicated entrepreneurs, graphic designers and animators who live in a third world country called El Salvador, which doesn’t have the best possibilities for many people. We want to do this project to prove that there’s talent in the country and to show others creative entrepreneurs in our country and to the world that if we can make this happen, so can they!

We started to take shape in 2014 when we won a $30K prize to make a series called Tempus Trip and have a chance to make the pilot and launch it at Kickstarter. We wanted to promote Tempus Trip as soon and hard as possible to have all the support possible when the time came to do a Kickstarter Campaign, so we started looking for people who have done the same since we didn’t had anybody to ask here. Thankfully Fred Seibert decided to give us a hand and that made the start of a show on interviewing amazing artists, and that was the beginning of our studio.

Now we have interviewed many amazing people in the animation industry and continue to do so while we work on doing our animations. If you want to see the interviews to learn from them you can click the link below:


Thanks for your time reading this :D